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Alberta Ronald JR
Rolling Rock Magazine
July 15 2020

 Wells of Being set to rock the world… Again

After many hours of travel from Philly PA to The Interior of British Columbia Canada, I finally arrived at my destination. The Ranch of Darren Neilson, The founder of Wells of Being, today’s Premier Rock and Feel Good Music Band. The ranch looked more like a vacation destination with many green houses, barns with horses and other farm animals, Gotta love farm life. There was also what looked like a Hawaiian spa with many tropical plants.

I also saw what looked like a little factory in the middle of this compound. I later discovered it was the pump house for the geothermal heating station. Darren explained that this is the central heating facility that brings hot water and heat to the whole compound including keeping the Hawaiian spa at a balmy 82 degrees year round.

A Quick Tour and a Soak in the Spa

As I arrived at the compound I was greeted by Darren riding a horse and a pack of happy dogs. He had a huge smile on his face, “It is awesome to see you finally arrived, Alberta” he grunted while dismounting this beautiful black and white painted horse. “Ya the ride was very long, It seemed like I was traveling for days” I replied. “Ya, it maybe a long trip here but it is so worth it” Darren chuckled. “Come on, let’s go and we’ll drop your stuff off at the house and then we’ll go hit to the spa”.  “Ah that would be great”. I sighed. Darren led me to a wonderful looking 2 story Log Chalet with a full wrap around porch with several high back wooden chairs around it. “Wow, Darren that porch looks very rustic and cosy, Thanks Alberta, My wife Roswita has a great eye for those kinds of details, Let’s head inside and I’ll give a quick tour of the place and then we’ll head over to the spa”, Darren beamed. As he opened the front door I was delighted with the smell of freshly baked cookies. “YUMMY that smells wonderful” I hinted, and before I could say anything else, this sweet looking modestly dressed woman came from the back with a plate of freshly baked goodies outstretched towards me. I took a few cookies that tasted so good. “Hi I’m Roswita”, she smiled “Darren’s Wife, It is wonderful to meet you Alberta, come on Darren, take her coat and suitcase, Men are a bit thick when it comes to those kind of things, huh?” Roswita laughed. I chimed at her with a wink of my eye. “Ya Darren, what’s the dealio” and handed my stuff to him. He just smiled at me and pointed down the hallway. “This way my’ lady” He led me through this wonderful home of giant cedar logs, “Wow, what an awesome smell, I love the scent of cedar” I complimented. “Thanks” Darren Relied. He brought me to the room where I will be staying while I’m here. It was so beautiful with an awesome view. Darren put my stuff on the bed “Did you remember to bring a bathing suit?”, “sure did, I’ll get changed right away” I piped in . As I was changing I could not help but think, what a peaceful place to stay. The view from my window was awe inspiring. Majestic Mountains, fields filled with wild flowers, Horses off in the distant corral, filled me with a sense of home… Home, Sweet Home if that’s not too much of a cliche. After I finished changing, Darren and Roswita took me around their wonderfully appointed rustic Log Cabin home, This chalet has a wonderful stone fireplace, a dining room with a fully equipped commercial kitchen and a basement rec room which included a pool table, ping pong table, flat Screen TV, a fully stock library and a huge bay window with a full view of the mountains. It also has a fully equipped music recording studio. Where his band would have fun while recording hit song after hit song. Being in this awesome studio I could feel the magic they must have felt. 8=)


 A Mountain Spa of Epic Splendor

Darren led me out the front door and across the compound to the huge glass building. “The Hawaiian Spa”, He called it. We entered thick doors into the area called the heat lock, it helped keep the heat in and the cold out. When he opened the second door it felt like stepping off an airplane in Hawaii. The air was warm, moist and inviting. The smell of flowers in the air uplifted my spirit, I almost started to cry it felt so amazingly calm and tranquil. There were tropical plants and flowers everywhere. I even seen a couple birds in here. The sound of running water and singing birds just added to the tranquility. This spa was amazing, it had 5 private change rooms. A steam room, a dry sauna, a hot tub with a meditation platform over top of it, and a swimming pool that felt so wonderful to jump into. I asked Darren What was his inspiration for the meditation platform, He got this huge smile on his face and his eyes filled with tears, “This came to me in a sit… Through Meditations I saw this tranquil place to focus on and I had to make it real for me to continue to come here every day and be blessed with inspirations and to be connected to the Spirit of God, ….Thank you Jesus” he mouthed as he looked up to the sky.

From Idea to Manifestation

“Darren this place is wonderful, but, I am here to tell you that your fans are dying to know how you did this so quickly, so spill the beans and let us know.” I enquired. Darren took a deep breath and looked at peace as he explained,”Well Alberta, It all started about 5 years ago. I was moved by the spirit of God to seek out a self discovery journey called MasterKey Mastermind Alliance. This was the beginning of the end of my old ways. I had a huge awaking in this challenging course. It brought me to my ‘Authentic Self’, my Spiritual ‘I’, and in the course I was taught how to plainly state what I wanted in my life and how to manifest it. After attending the course a few times, I finally removed my self doubts and was able to clearly focus on my burning desire, my band ‘Wells of Being’, my business and our dream home”. With a blank stare of wonderment on my face, I exclaimed, “wow, that sounds amazing, So how did you pull your band together”. “it was SO wonderful of an experience bringing my band together, for years I have been trying to build a band, but was not making it happen because I did not want any help, But I learned through MKMMA the nothing can be build without the help of others, so that’s was what I did, I included that in my DMP (Definite Major Purpose).” Darren handed me a paper, Here is a copy of that document. 

My Personal Pivotal Needs are Recognition For Creative Expression and Helping Others.
Before Sept1/2018 It invigorates me as I make deliberate and intentional actions to change thoughts within myself to Transmute peoples emitted emotions into feelings of courage, peace and abundance to connect emotionally with them as I cheerfully talk to them about the healing power of Protandim.

Before September 1/2018 I’m filled with radiant tranquility that has quickly grown through weekly newspaper ads, flyers, radio advertising and word of mouth. I’m ecstatic that is a branded, trusted and recognized business in BC, and that the sale of Protandim is Helping thousands of people to be healthier while it earns me over $10,000 a month through my network of over 1,000 preferred customers.

Before September 01/2019 , It thrills me as I search musician wanted forums, place ads and do weekly auditions at my home and practice studios, allowing me to form a Master Mind Alliance with people of legendary musical abilities.

Before March 01/2019, I love that through our harmonious and cooperative efforts the members of my band “Wells of Being” and I write and produce 100’s of top 50 hit-songs or better within the first 30 days of being released that help people to FEEL inspired and uplifted. I love that my band and I each, earn over $25,000 a month through internet sales, royalties and gigs in the Lower Mainland BC.

Before September 01/2020 I am filled with tranquility, peace and harmony that my new 2 story, 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, with a den and musical workshop log cabin chalet in the interior of BC is a place of warm feelings and family fun. While I work on my many gardens it gives me great satisfaction, and I connect with the serenity of the peaceful forest and babbling creek that runs through my land. I love to explore my land and observe the greenery and the smell of sweet flowers while I soak in the sounds of the birds singing their lovely songs. The several farm animals that provide food and enrichment for me are an awesome blessing, the horses are so therapeutic to be around, I feel at peace in my heart as I walk with them. I feel great gratitude that I achieve the financial freedom from my business and band to make my dream home come true, it gives me and my family a home where we can recharge in this awe-inspiring natural wonderland.

A Light Lunch

Roswita came in and brought us some lunch. A couple of ham and cheese sandwiches, and bowls of freshly cut strawberries and bananas with a pitcher of iced tea. “Wow Darren this is a weighty document, It has many things I did not know about you, Like your business ”  Darren tilting his head to the side as he explained, “When I first started my business I struggled to even get my family to join, But as you can read in my DMP, I saw exactly what I wanted and it came to pass in aces, actually it exceeded my original desire by thousands of customers.” I took a bite of this awesome sandwich, and the bread tasted so fresh and homemade, and the tea was so refreshing as well, with a hint of lemon, The smell of the strawberries was making my mouth water with anticipation… I continued to enjoy my lunch, as Darren enlightened me about his Band, Wells of Being, ” As I said before about needing other people to help create a successful band and this is exactly what I wrote about in my DMP. I took the time to write it out perfectly, the way I wanted, visualized it as though it already happened, and soon I was in contact with ‘people of legendary musical abilities’. When we can together, the members of my band had a very good understanding of what I wanted to do, so we gelled very quickly, and wrote some very awesome songs.” Finishing my last mouthful of sweet bananas and strawberries, “Tell me Darren where did your inspiration come from, for the hit songs like ” I Can Be What I Will To BE, Do It Now and I Promise”. Darren started to laugh with such enthusiasm I could not help but join him, after a few moments of belly laughing he answered me with a big smile on his face. “It was from the MKMMA, We had several affirmation that we said many times a day for the entire process and I could not help but be inspired to write about them. Well Alberta lets have some fun for a couple hours before supper and go for a ride on the horses, would you be up for that, You bet!”, I squealed!. After a quick shower I met Darren at the corral. He had a couple of horses ready to go, we spent the last of the day riding through his wonderful land admiring the natural scenery.

All in all, I had a week of fun and sun, in SuperNatural British Columbia Canada, with the founder of Wells of Being, Darren Neilson. He told me, I have an open invitation to come back any time I wish. Darren also suggested, I would really love it here for Christmas, with all the snow. “Its like an old fashioned Christmas with sleigh rides and hot chocolate.” I cant wait.

With Love and Kisses, Alberta Ronald JR. Rolling Rock Magazine


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  1. I enjoyed reading your press release Darren. It’s very creative, imaginative and detailed. Your descriptions make it very real and concrete. Congratulations on a great job. Looking forward to getting to know you better. For starters: What instruments do you play? What is your color? And what town are you near in British Columbia? I’m impressed with your ability to Vlog but did not see an opportunity to make any comments on them. Outstanding! How many times have you participated in MKE? Warm regards.

  2. Darren,
    What a great press release!! I am in ! When can we come to visit. I have always dreamed of seeing the Rocky Mountains and visiting British Columbia!! I can feel the breeze and taste the lunch! Looking forward to meeting you!!

  3. AWESOME, Darren! I am very impressed with your Press Release; such great detail; so much as Jim Rohn could have said: ” I could taste the lunch and feel the warm waters in the spa!” You have inspired me. By the way, my daughter is starting a Life Vantage business in Wyoming. I’ll tell her to visit you at your ranch! 😉

    1. Hi Jim. Thxz for you comments. 8=) I am so gland you are inspired, as it helps fulfill my PPN of helping others. Your daughter is more than welcomed. I will make sure there is fresh flower in her room for her stay. Thxz again, Darren

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