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Week 1 The Journey To My EveryMan

This is the beginning of the rest of my life.

On September, 28 2014 I entered into the real man, the every man. the man that seek Love above all. To seek and find the true peace that comes from within.

Life is an unfoldment, not accretion. What comes to us in the world without is
what we already possess in the world within. All possession is based on consciousness. All gain is the result of an accumulative consciousness. All loss is the result of a scattering consciousness.

Today for the first time in my life I started to meditate for 15 mins, sitting perfectly still. muscles aching, want to move (the old blue print rearing up it ugly head) . I forced myself to resist this desire to move. after a few mins the ache dissipated and I felt a small victory in the control of my own body.

Small victory to small victory, Deep unto Deep. glory to glory. Step by step. Upward on onward. The rough is going to fall away for ever and I will BE The Every Man I know I can Be.

Knowing every word to comfort. Knowing every saying to bring peace. Knowing that I can help every man to see his inner every man.

We are all set upon a great journey to find our every man.

Be Blessed

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