Master Key Experience Week 9 VLOG – Accountable Partners MMA

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MKE Week 9 VLOG – Accountable Partners 

This week 9 we are asked to find an accountability partner. A Master Mind Alliance. I have put together a MMA Partner Video . Hope you enjoy in and that we can create something AWESOME..

BeBlessed Darren.

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  1. Hi Darren,

    I’d love to join you as an accountability partner! Do you have room for an enthuastic, sp out of the box thinker with ambition and commitment to fulfilling my DPN?

    Joyfully, Nancy Reuter

  2. Darren! I love your vlog. I l totally would love to mastermind with you. You seem like a lot of fun! I love how you are a “weirdo”, I’m one too! lol I’m a lover and enthusiast of music but I am not a musician so let me know if you’d like to join our little group. We’ve got one other gal and another fella but to my knowledge none of us play any instruments or sing. I think it would be so AWESOME if you could find other musicians but if not, I’d certainly love to have u masterminding with us! Yay!

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