Master Key Experience Week 8 VLOG – Battleship Decompiling

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MKE Week 8 – Battleship Decompiling

This is a long (sorry I can talk sometimes LOL) video about 12 mins of my experience in week 8 of the MasterKey MasterMind Alliance

BeBlessed Darren.

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  1. Hi Darren, Very imaginative journey you took, with backward video and such. Great detail. I did not feel like doing a ship so I chose to imagine my house being built – or un-built. I wish that I could have had your kind of detail in my exercise. I like the image of the bulbous nose under the surface, like a powerful, hidden feature that reduces friction going through the water.

  2. Darren. i am thrilled to have watched your entire video. I loved your imagination just taking over and I went with you. the way you weaved the actual pictures in was spectacular and I totally respect the effort that you put into this exercise. As an aside I am actually a retired Navy guy. So i have been up close and personnel with and served on a couple of old destroyers during the late 1960’s. All though that last sentence of mine was off point, I thought you might just like to know that. I could tell that you really got into this one. Thanks again for your imagination and creativity. Cheers David

    1. Hi David, Thxz for watching through to the end. I had a great time doing this exercise. As an old navy guys I guess you know about the different bows. Thxz for your comments.. Darren

  3. Darren, thank-you for the example of how you did this week’s sit of going back in your mind with the lesson 8 example of the battleship.The lesson gave me insights that I had never thought of before realizing the thoughts and actions that were part of the process in order to actually conceptualize and then bring into form a battleship. I enjoyed how you thought of the bulbous nose and then it being in dry dock, moving it back in time as it is being made. Blessings on you journey!

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