Master Key Experience Week 5 VLOG I Have NO Opinion

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MKE Week 5 VLOG I Have NO Opinion

This is a short video of my experience in week 5 of the MasterKey MasterMind Alliance We are learn to let go of our ego and shed our Opinions


BeBlessed Darren.

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  1. Hi Darren wow you’re very high tech having a VLOG… oops that might be an opinion 🙂 I really enjoyed listening to your honest discussion about the challenges… it inspires me to do my best thank you.

    1. Hey Mani. I just did a search of the Training Solution Website about that very thing, Giving compliments. When you state a compliment make sure to add feeling like I enjoyed or I loved. So I love you Compliment on my techie nerdiness LOL

  2. Hi darren, sorry my key board is silly , sometimes caps and sometimes not … i am doing alot better . you are a very interesting person i am glad i am part of this tribe. hey going to see for sure my bros. and he of course down played the rainy weather so i bought rubber boots. he lives on a farm in duncan… super awsome to have this support. dont fly much …. cheers.

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